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VERIFIRE are experienced and ambitious fire protection consultants with high availability, commitment and fast, high-quality deliveries. 

Verifire is a fire consulting company founded 2019 with offices in Stockholm and Umeå. We are the small ambitious company with high availability, commitment and fast, high-quality deliveries. Communication and proactivity are important aspects of a well-functioning collaboration, which is something that Verifire values highly. We strive for a workplace where employees work closely together, where decision paths are short and unnecessary costs for the customers are cut. In this way, Verifire creates the best conditions for us and you as a customer.

Verifire employees have worked on most types of projects including everything from smaller tenant adaptations, to large complex new constructions in offices, housing, hotels, trade, care facilities and industry. Together we have over 75 years of experience from small, medium and large consulting companies and we can offer specialists with the highest certification for experts in fire protection according to the Swedish National Board of Housing's SAK 3. 

Verifire help companies and associations with systematic fire protection by conducting inventories and documenting the existing fire protection as a basis for the continued systematic fire protection work.

Quite simply, we ensure that your fire protection is customized and verified against current fire requirements. That is why we call ourselves VERIFIRE. 
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Has the building committee required a fire safety report or a fire protection description in connection with your building permit? Then you have come to the right place. 

Contact our competent fire consultants for assistance with your project, or if you have questions about our services, contact us via the form or call us directly and we will get back to you with a price estimate. We help in all types of building permit cases and projects, large and small. 




Fire protection documentation

We prepare fire protection descriptions in accordance with the building regulations. We can help in all different stages of the construction process from the first early sketches of a building, to detailed construction documents and also perform final inspection in buildings and documentation.

Analytisk dimensionering


We conduct design according to both prescriptive design as well as analytical design for specific projects. We perform fire and evacuation simulations, radiation calculations for closely spaced buildings, ventilation calculations for fans in operation and other forms of analytical design needed in the specific project.


Fire inspection

We conduct inspections of the fire protection in buildings. During the execution phase, we also offer our support at the construction site. Our experience is that many design errors can be prevented by the fire consultant's participation in the entire construction phase.

Brandfarlig vara

Risk assessments 

Verifire also conduct risk assessments for companies handling flammable goods in their operations, as well as for community planning of areas close to risk sources as transport routes for dangerous goods or close to operations with fire and explosion hazards.


Certified expertise - SAK 3

When the developer's self-control is not considered sufficient, the building authority may require a certified fire expert (SAK3) to verify that fire requirements are met. We offer certified expertise according to the highest certification classification.
SBA (Systematiskt brandskyddsarbete)


Verifire help companies and associations with systematic fire protection by conducting inventories and documenting the existing fire protection as a basis for the continued systematic fire protection work.


Classification plans 

Places within an activity where an explosive atmosphere can arise, either from gas or from dust, should be identified, described and assessed in a classification plan. We analyze the hazards of an operation and produce classification plans according to regulations from The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and The Swedish Work Environment Authority. 


Evacuation plans 

We deliver evacuation plans with standardized symbols and design according to Swedish Standards so that your evacuation plan meets current requirements for an evacuation plan.



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